i'm regina (she/her) and i love brendon urie

"If I took too much interest in what negativity was being thrown around about me or Panic!, I wouldn’t get anything done. If someone has an opinion about me, I want it to be strong, I want it to be polarizing. I prefer, ‘I love what he did’ or ‘I just hate this motherfucker so bad,’ as opposed to, ‘Aw, it’s cute that he’s trying.’ I want to generate some kind of emotion from people.”

lil psa


after seeing so many people reblog all these pictures of pete & fam pumpkin picking i would like to remind you that pete has specifically spoken out about how much it upsets him to see pictures of his kids circulating around the internet unless he was the one to put them there. keep this in mind and try not to reblog or post any more pictures of bronx and saint unless pete uploads them!!! they’re super cute but i think it’s better to respect his wishes!!!!!